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Wood pellet  stoves from China factory

Wood Pellet Stoves

Pellet Stoves are our passion. Since 2012 we have been gaining the knowledge and experience that is necessary to provide you with the highest level of service. We are stoves factory : leaders in pellet stove technology and design.

Pellet stoves represent one of the most innovative and advantageous systems for domestic heating.

Pellet stoves are a practical and easy to use eco friendly heating solution for your home, being  completely automatic with built in time and temperature controls. Above all, using these systems really keeps heating costs down compared with traditional fossil fuels, which translates into saving. The advantage of biomass heating comes from the fact that pellet and wood fuels are considerably more economical than oil and gas in terms of the same heat produced.

Stunning Europe Design and Efficiency

The Europes know a thing or two when it comes to design. Our produce wood pellet stoves and wood pellet boilers to bring you the best in European designs and over 95% energy efficiency.

Based in Europe, our have established themselves as one of Europe’s leaders in the design and production of wood best pellet stoves. Every phase of manufacturing is performed on site to guarantee constant quality control.

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Our specially-designed Dynamic System  (RDS) regulates all the combustion stages for optimal efficiency. This means you get top performance as well as the benefit of an easy-to-use stove, burning eco-friendly wood pellets.

The Hermetic System (RHS) is a range of sealed pellet stoves designed for new airtight homes: the combustion air is taken from outside, this means the stove does not take the air away from the room.